HD IR Oscillating Rotating Fan with Hidden Digital Video Recorder
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Covertly designed to be a fully functioning fan, it is equipped with a HD night vision camera and DVR.

The fan's oscillation expands the camera's field of view which can record action up to 20 feet away in near darkness.

When privacy matters our completely concealed cameras hide in plain site. Designed with reliable DIY functionality, all Zone Shield Hidden Cameras include these features:

  • Valuable video clarity with HD resolution 1280 x 720 
  • Adjustable frame rate and quality settings for flexible storage utilization
  • Continuously powered camera systems
  • Night Vision - hidden IR lights help your camera capture video at night (select models)
  • Multiple recording modes allow users to schedule their most important recordings just like the pros do 
  • User-friendly interface offers adjustable software settings
  • Time/Date stamped files
  • Memory card recording for portable, transferable storage - up to 64GB
  • Two choices for file management: No-Overwrite (keeping all videos once card is full), or Overwrite (replaces oldest video when space is needed)
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty



Frame rate

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30 fps

46 min

6.0 hours

12.0 hours

24.5 hours

49.0 hours



15 fps


1.3 hours


10.8 hours


21.6 hours


43.2 hours


86.4 hours


30 fps

65 min

8.5 hours

17.0 hours

34.5 hours

69.0 hours

page3image47144 page3image47728

15 fps


2.0 hours

page3image50288 page3image50608

15.7 hours


31.4 hours

page3image53168 page3image53488

62.7 hours

125.5 hours



1280 x 720 Effective Pixels

1/4" micron color image sensor

140° Field of View

NTSC Video System

Operating Temp 22°F - 185°F


1280 x 720 Record Resolution

2 Recording modes – Motion and Continuous

Up to 32GB micro memory card

Time/Date Stamp

Adjustable Frame Rate up to 30 FPS

File Type - AVI

Operating Temp 32°F - 122°F

TV or PC Playback

System Requirements

No software requried our files are in .AVI

Playback on PC or MAC

VLC Media player (recommended) 


8GB Memory Card

RCA Video Cable (some models) 

IR Remote

CD and Quick

Dimensions:13” L x 4” W x 4” H
Weight: 2lb 3oz

Set Up:

Zone Shield DVR can be set up in 5 simple steps.

It helps to have your TV user's manual nearby since you may need to change video input on the TV used for initial set-up.

1. Take the unit from the box and ensure you have received all included items.
2. Open the device to insert the memory card into the memory card slot and connect the power supply.
3. To confirm the device is ready, connect the provided video cable from the unit to your TV video input to see a live video feed and make a sample recording.
4. Your device is now ready to be placed in the area of desired surveillance.
5. Default recording setting is Motion Detection. Once the power is turned on and the device recognizes the memory card, the DVR will begin to record based on activity detected by the camera.

Download TLPlayer v7.23.108 (2Mb)

Download Xtreme Life Wireless Manual
Download Xtreme Life & Zone Shield HD DVR Manual *Must also download Addendum
Download Xtreme Life & Zone Shield HD DVR Manual Addendum




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Night Vision Oscillating Fan HD Cam w Hidden DVR

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