Tool box with dvr in Digital Nanny Cam Hidden Camera
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This Nanny Cam camera has both the covert camera and digital video recorder built into one housing. Simply remove the SD card and insert it into your computer to playback the video. If your PC does not have an SD card slot you can use one of our SD card readers that connects it via your USB port. Plug and play doesn't get any easier!  No buttons to press, no set up necessary.  

In addition to being easy to use, it has a camcorder quality, wide angle CCD color covert camera inside. Choose from the camera lens located on the side of the box or the front of the box.  The built-in DVR will handle up to a 328G SD card for long recording upon motion detection. Videos created by this item are saved in a avi / h.264 video format. Audio recording is an optional upgrade for this device for Law Enforcement only due to Federal Law.

Excellent for nanny watching and also in a tricky situation like in a nursing home, use it to protect your parents too!  A great resource for stopping theft as well. Super spy camera!


550 TV line camera

MPEG-4 video compression

D1(704*576) resolution

MPEG-4/ASF video format, MP3 audio format

Real-time stamp on videos, overwrite

Manual/motion detect/scheduled/power-up record

Optional Audio for Law Enforcement only

5/15/30fps optional 

SDHC memory support, up to 32GB 

TV-out enables better resolution by TV set

MPEG-4/ASF playback

AV-IN, AV-OUT directly connect with camera, TV, monitor

Support IR remote operation, built-in ADC for external keyboards

Support manually snapshot, auto record by triggering port

Low power-consumption, 1W when standby, 2W when recording



10 Hour Battery

8gb SD Memory Card


Tool Box Self Recording DVR Hidden Camera

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